Our Story

“We believe the humble café is the engine of a neighbourhood with the power to bring people together.”

James Brown, Gary Parkes & Scott Robertson
Founders, Double Roasters

The ritual of a delicious coffee, the value of good conversation, the shared moments — Double Roasters was founded to stoke a community spirit and provide a sense of place for people and cafés alike.

From artisan roastery...

Double Roasters was established in 2011 to sustain cafés, communities and people with beautiful speciality coffee. We began roasting our ethically sourced green coffee in a disused 1950’s Marrickville warehouse and trained baristas to create the perfect Double Roasters coffee by serving customers front of house. Equipped with tasting notes and origin knowledge, our baristas provoked conversations around speciality coffee, deepening connections to our brand.

...to nationwide cult following

Our ‘training counter’ quickly grew into the flagship community café you enjoy today, and our delicious coffee now boasts a swathe of awards. As a result, Double Roasters experienced an extensive rise in wholesale customers and expanded to include an online coffee store and coffee gift subscriptions for those wanting to share our coffee love.

Growing the roastery and empowering cafés

In 2014, we moved our roastery to a larger Marrickville site and invested in state-of-the-art roasting and automated packaging equipment. Today, across Australia, our wholesale business supports cafés to strengthen their customer communities through consistently exceptional coffee, high-end equipment and highly personalised service.

Sustaining people and the environment

From origin to cup, our environmental mission and direct trading partnerships ensure consistently high-quality coffee imbued with our desire to help sustain people, communities and the planet.