Office Coffee Subscriptions

Looking for a hassle-free and convenient way to keep your office caffeinated? Look no further than our office coffee subscription service!

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Double Roasters has been providing coffee to internal office sites with the goal of empowering businesses to offer an authentic coffee experience to their clients and staff.
We can accommodate all office sizes, from low volume subscriptions for smaller offices to high volume orders for larger teams.
Our office coffee subscription service ensures that your office will never run out of coffee, providing a seamless and worry-free experience.

Find the perfect subscription for your office, large or small.

Tailor Made Subscriptions

Ideal for high volume coffee orders above 12kgs.

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No Stress Subscriptions

Ideal for low volume coffee orders or small offices.

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We also offer:

Equipment Rental

Specialty coffee requires specialty equipment. We can offer equipment suitable to the size of your office. We also offer ongoing technical support and simple preventative maintenance.

Team Building Classes And Cuppings

In this hands-on experience, your team can learn more about brewing coffee - from selecting the right beans to mastering techniques to pour the perfect cup.

Online Ordering

We understand businesses go through changes, that’s why we remove the stress with no-lock-in contracts and provide you with the perfect blend of coffee, equipment, support, training and products.

Deliveries 5 Days A Week

Don't wait for your coffee order. We deliver freshly roasted beans during business hours, Monday to Friday.