Environmental Statement

Since conception Double Roasters has been fully committed to a three-step environmental mission statement. To create a culture of not only complying with our legal and regulatory requirements but to be actively pursuing a more sustainable industry.

STEP 1 (Green Coffee)

  • To investigate and monitor best practices at origin.
  • To build long term partnerships with like minded farms and producers.
  • To purchase coffee from Origins in close proximity so as reduce the carbon footprint.
  • To support and fund community projects at origin.

STEP 2 (Roasting coffee)

  • To invest in equipment that is energy efficient and low emission.
  • To reduce, reuse and recycle waste products.
  • To educate staff and customers to adopt similar ideals

STEP 3 (Community)

  • To engage with the people around us in a beneficial way.
  • To support local events, fund raising and community based sports
  • To encourage a creative and inclusive community


  • Double Roasters is currently direct sourcing green coffee allowing us to demand a more efficient and sustainable supply chain.
  • Double Roasters is now importing bulk coffees in 1-ton reusable bags. This replaces 32 hessian bags per week.
  • We are currently paying a 5c per kilo premium on Our Brazilian coffees; this is funding a community crèche, allowing both parents to earn income on the farm.
  • We are currently working on a new project in PNG that will hopefully commence in 2019.
  • The IMF 60kg coffee roaster we use for most of production is a highly efficient recirculating system that reduces our gas usage by up to 80%.
  • Hessian sacks and Grain pro bags (plastic) are offered to the local community through Facebook groups. We usually have a waiting list, as the sacks are so popular.
  • 1-ton bags are reused by our neighbouring businesses for bulk waste removal.
  • When possible we supply coffee in reusable food grade drums rather than bags.
  • Our coffee capsules are now biodegradable.
  • Cardboard boxes and paper products are reused as often as possible.
  • Double Roasters has collaborated with local sculptors, street artists, community theatres, recording studios and filmmakers.
  • We have partnered with local artisans across many industries, including, brewers, bakers and potters
  • We have sponsored and supported Marrickville High School, Marrickville West Primary School, Marrickville Public School and Rainbow Families