Sunday July 27 was the day of the Rocks Aroma Festival. Weather could not have been better, a warm, clear Sydney day harbour side, perfect conditions for Coffee drinking and people watching!


We thought we'd post an image gallery of the day from the Double Roasters team perspective, we had a mad experience serving a huge crowd of awesome customers non stop from 10am right through until the final whistle blew at 5pm. A big shout out to the crowds who despite the queues were all crazy for our coffee!! Thank you all, the thousands of you who came to our marquee on the day. 

 #aromafestival, Double Roasters, Coffee, roasted coffee

 The queue begins....

coffee, roasted coffee, single origin, Double Roasters

Big Crowds all over The Rocks

Double Roasters, Flight Path Blend, Roasted coffee, Single Origin

The team has a great set up to manage the crowds

Coffee beans, Roaster, coffee online, Flight Path blend, single origin

See the intensity, 4 guys on the tools for 7 hours punching out consistently great quality coffee..

Cold Drip, Flight Path Ale, Single Origin

Cold drip, mini roaster, Flight Path Ale (display purposes only) Double Roasters are a diverse bunch!

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