Pod Range "Single Origin"- Fresh Roasted & Packed, Nespresso® Compatible

If you prefer your coffee black then try our single origins. 

Grown in a single geographical region they exhibit characteristics that are unique to that region. We have two fantastic coffee's from very different countries. Both are speciality grade coffee and roasted at our roastery in Marrickville. 

Currently we have a delicious Colombia from the Cauca region in the Andean ranges. 
We recommend drinking them black but if you prefer milk both will work well with milk.

Our Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods are recyclable.

 Colombia - Condor Rio Claro

"Great upfront nose with fruity citrus notes. A slight chocolate malt middle palate and a finish of delicate acidity."

Country: Colombia
Region: Cauca
Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra & Tipica
Processing: Sun dried
Producer: Cooperatives

About the region;

The region is nestled between central and western Andean ranges. The region produces around 7,000 bags of coffee per year. Condor Rio Claro covers specially selected mico-lots from the region.


About or Pods..
Our pod design is produced here in Australia, has improved extraction in all compatible machines and is recyclable. These quality pods cater to the coffee connoisseur by maintaining flavor and brew quality, with the convenience that pod machines bring. Our pod comes with the guarantee that they will fit in your Nespresso® compatible machine. 

Nespresso® is a trademark of Societe Des Produits Nestle SA. Double Roasters pod packaged products are not manufactured by nor has any Nestle company or affiliate endorsed them.


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