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Nicaragua - Miel de La Bastilla Honey

Dark Chocolate / Biscuit / Molasses / Thick / Rich







La Bastilla Estate


Honey Processed


Red Catuai


1200-1250 MASL


La Bastilla Coffee Estates owns two coffee farms in Nicaragua, La Bastilla in Jinotega and Santa Luz in Matagalpa. Under Markus Fisher who runs the estate and Agronomist, Martin Montero, they have both focussed on the speciality market. The estate is fully independent, using its own resources for every stage of the operation from seed to export container. La Bastilla works closely with F.E.E.R; the Foundation for Rural Education and Entrepreneurship which engages the farms youth to promote quality education.

La Bastilla processes follows a strict quality protocol to create their unique red honey flavour profile:

 - Only red ripe cherries are harvested by a special picker crew

- Coffee cherries are then transported immediately to the mill and cleaned in fresh water (all floaters being eliminated at this stage)

- Within 6 hours after picking, cherries are pulped dry (no water) then pre-dried in warm air at 35 degrees centigrade for 12 hours

- Following pre-drying, the beans enter a static dryer at a temperature of 45oC for another 30-34 hours ensuring a stable honey coated parchment with around 11% moisture content.

- The coffee rests in the warehouse for two months to develop its cup profile.