Guatemala - Organic Finca Bremen

Guatemala - Organic Finca Bremen


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Juicy / Milk Chocolate / Fruity




Baja Verapaz Department


Edwin Wolmers


Fully washed


Tekisic, Obata, Caturra, Anacafé 14, SL28


1100 - 1350 MASL




The Wolmers family emigrated to Guatemala from Germany in the 1800s and have been cultivating coffee for over 150 years. Today Edwin carries on his family´s tradition of farming excellence on Finca Bremen, having fully transitioned the farm to 100% organic production 2013. Despite having reduced yields, Edwin says the decision to produce fully organic coffee has helped soil health as well as water quality allowing the farm to better integrate to the surrounding ecosystem.

The farm is located in the municipality of Purulha in the cloud forest corridor of the Baja Verapaz region, where it is cloudy, rainy and cool all year long, serving as a refuge for the national bird of Guatemala, the Quetzal. The dense cloud cover of the region allows the coffee to develop slowly throughout the year, resulting in a well-balanced cup with citrus notes and good acidity. Rainfall is between 3000 – 4000mm annually. The farm´s total area is 259 hectares of which 167 hectares are dedicated to coffee production.  Soils are clay minerals and limestone. 60 hectares of the property are dedicated to reforestation projects. The farm was awarded Rainforest Alliance certification in 2020.


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