Colombia Kogi Wild Coffee

Bright acidity with notes of herbal tea. Slight caramel sweetness  with highlights of toffee. Well balanced with a clean finish.

Country: Colombia
Region: Sierra Navada de Santa Marta
Varietal: Caturra

 About the region

Kogi farmers use ancestral practices to foster a unique kind of wild coffee that may be one of the most sustainable in the world. Coffee trees grow freely amongst the rainforest with elders doing spiritual work to guide every step of the process. Farmers wash and dry their beans on site and then use mules to transport to community processing center.

From their home in the mountains, the Kogi people have lived in relative isolation from the rest of the world since before the Spanish arrived in Colombia. Guided by a belief system that compels them to look after the earth, they have over the centuries developed a close symbiotic relationship with their environment. Today around 20,000 of them live in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta where they continue to exercise their ancestral culture and sustainable agricultural practices.

The Kogi or Kagaba, which translates as 'jaguar', see themselves as the elder brothers of humanity and the Sierra Nevada as the heart of the world.

After seeing their sacred habitats threatened by creeping development and mining interests, the Kogi have started to reach out to the ‘younger brothers’ in the outside world with an urgent message of environmental responsibility.



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